Custom draperies
Silk Draperies
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The big news today is that window treatments have become more relaxed and less structured. While formal looks with multi-layered products and top treatments are still important, there is an ever-increasing demand for a more casual approach. Much of this has been fueled by the fantastic selection of decorative drapery hardware that is now available. Combining drapery panels with beautiful decorative hardware is a simple and elegant way to dress your window. All of our drapery panels are made to your sizes and requirements. They feature all of the customized hand-finishing you would expect from Audra’s Draperies. If you select a lined drapery, a high count cotton/polyester lining is used, and all drapery panels feature weighted corners to give you better hanging qualities. Length and heading style vary. The most common lengths for draperies and curtains are sill, below-sill, floor, and puddle. The longer the treatment, the more formal it will look. The puddle style gives a dramatic effect, especially for floor-to-ceiling treatments in formal rooms. Take a look at our exciting new panel designs collection.