Q: How is shipping handled?
A: When an order is shipped it usually includes tubing and hardware, draperies. These items are NOT packet together so it’s possible that your packages won’t arrive at the same day (unless you’ve paid for a premium delivery service). Note: then calling to track your shipment, please have your Audra’s Draperies order number ready.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Custom made products may be returned for either detective fabric or workmanship within thirty days from date of invoice. Return authorization must be obtained from Audra‘s Draperies by calling: 708-860-8034. You need to specify:

  1. What you wish to return.
  2. Why you wish to return it.
  3. How many boxes you will use to make the return.

Audra‘s Draperies will mail you a return authorization letter containing a unique return authorization number. We will also send you special mailing labels to attach to your package(s).Packages received at Audra‘s Draperies without return authorization labels will not be accepted. Silk fabricated products are not returnable.